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(English) A Coffee With Marc Lewon

(English) A Coffee With Marc Lewon

Mark Lewon playing the lute
Marc Lewon playing the lute

This is the edited video of the 14th interview of the series “A Coffee With…”. On this occasion my guest was the German musicologist and lutenist Marc Lewon, who is the director of the early music Ensemble Leones. The original “Coffee with…” took place on Friday July 28th 2020 on my Facebook wall. It was simultaneously transmitted on Music Without Quarantine.

Marc Lewon was born in Frankfurt am Main in 1972 and has dedicated his life to the research, diffusion and performance of early music, especially medieval music.

In our virtual conversation over coffee, we speak about Marc’s early years when he took up the guitar and started to play in street markets. Then things evolved towards the field of early music, precisely medieval music. We also speak about his music studies in Germany, the United Kingdon and Switzerland, at Schola Cantorum Basiliensis.

A Coffee With Marc Lewon

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With this “virtual coffees” I woud like to let people know and get to know my guests a little bit better.

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