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(English) Rachel Flowers talks to Michael Thallium on her Yamaha

(English) Rachel Flowers talks to Michael Thallium on her Yamaha

149045_1716465910247_1196193712_31958847_3549983_nRachel is a tremendous musician with a prodigious musical memory. This time, we were talking about her Yamaha organ and some of her Youtube videos. She also explains how Greg Lake and Keith Emerson met in Germany, apparently. (Rachel loves the music by ELP, The Nice and Keith Emerson). By the end of our conversation, since she is going to be 17 in a couple of days, I challenged her to improvise on the Happy Birthday theme (around minute 9:10)… She accepted the challenge!

If you wish to listen to Rachel’s impro on the Happy Birthday theme:

Rachel improvises on Happy Birthday (Keith Emerson’s style!!!) Feel free to share it to wish a Happy Birthday to your friends!!

And if you would like to watch Rachel playing her Yamaha, please click on:

Rachel Flowers playing «For Example» on her Yamaha

Please follow Rachel´s music at:

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My name is Michael Thallium and I believe in the greatness of human beings, that is why I started my project Greatness Coaching Research. No wonder Rachel is great!!

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